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LSCP Therapy & Sound Healing


" My first session of LSCP therapy was amazing. The sounds of the cosmic gongs led me to an outer body experience. I could feel the energy of the chakra light system heal my body and the Frequency Light transported me to another dimension where I saw all my family members which had passed away, and angels that were looking down upon me. It was such a sacred and beautiful experience. " 

 Nicola L.

Amazing experience

" The experience was difficult to describe and was amazing. I was surrounded by gongs and it was a fascinating experience. " 

Frederik Ferrier

"Made in Chelsea".

" I have been seeing Sofia on and off for 3 years now. I have a high paced life, and I sometimes need some direction with all the responsibilities I have. She has always directed me to decisions that have been good for my life and business


Forbes Listed Billionaire

Flower of life Metatro Cube

" My body started to shake and then I had a vision of the Devil Tarot card jumping out of my body. It was as if fear just completely left my body and soul. There is so much positive energy in that room, and Sofia sings these powerful mantras during the session. I just cannot put it into words really. I walked in like my life was a mess, and walked out full of peace and hope" 

Eloise H


" I found my session to be quite intense at the beginning, but I then allowed myself to relax and immerse into the whole experience which was quite beautiful. I felt the presence of angelic beings around me, as if they were guiding me on my path. In the past I have dealt with some issues which made me feel weakened, but after the LSCP therapy I regained my strength and vitality. " 

  Raewyn P.

" I felt healed and completely relaxed after the amazing experience. Sofia has a social gift. Thankyou. " 

Raica Oliveira

"International Supermodel and former Victorias Secret Model".

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