" My first session of LSCP therapy was amazing. The sounds of the cosmic gongs led me to an outer body experience. I could feel the energy of the chakra light system heal my body and the Frequency Light transported me to another dimension where I saw all my family members which had passed away, and angels that were looking down upon me. It was such a sacred and beautiful experience. " 

 Nicola L.

Flower of life Metatro Cube

" I found my session to be quite intense at the beginning, but I then allowed myself to relax and immerse into the whole experience which was quite beautiful. I felt the presence of angelic beings around me, as if they were guiding me on my path. In the past I have dealt with some issues which made me feel weakened, but after the LSCP therapy I regained my strength and vitality. " 

  Raewyn P.

LSCP Therapy & Sound Healing

Amazing experience