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  • Sofia Maria Hayat

I want to tell you a story about a child who came in for a sound healing with his mother. She had booked the session, because her son had a verruca for over a year and it was not going. Lucky for him, his mother had heard of sound healing, and bought this beautiful 11 year old to see me.

When he came into the sound healing temple, I asked him why he thought he was here. He said he had no idea.

He lay on the bed, and I set up the vogel crystals. I started to sing mantras and play the gongs. When ever someone come in for a sound healing, I always keep an eye on them for their reactions, and their energy output. I am very sensitive to energy and work the gongs according to what is happening with the clients energy. At one point he started to cry. With an adult, I would normally allow the crying to continue, but his soul was asking for my help, and I could feel that the gongs and crystal light had worked so quickly on him. What was happening, was that his chakras had been cleared and open enough for him to let out this pain that had been sitting inside him for a while, which was causing the verruca, an allow me to go in and do some clearing work.

I stopped playing the gongs and asked him why he was crying, he had no idea. At that point I lay my hands on his body where I could feel pain. When I do healings with sound, I often feel pain in my body that relates to the pain in the person. I was feeling pain in my tummy, so I asked to place my hands on his tummy over his clothes. Immediately, I felt that he was being bullied. I pulled the energy through to the surface with my hands. I cannot explain to you my technique, as I have not learned this

technique. The angels will guide me through every healing as to what to do.

He finally realised this bullying, and I gave him a mantra, a command to give to the soul of the bully. It was to say, that he forgives him, but has learnt the lesson from this, and will never let it happen again. It was so beautiful and humbling to experience.

This 11 year old boy got off the bed, and, I will never forget the words he said. These words are why I do what I do, and use my gift to serve.

He said:



Sofia Maria Hayat

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Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Everything in this Universe, including you is vibrating at a frequency. This is because you and everything around you is energy.

The energy of the Earth vibrates at a 520Hz frequency which is the same frequency as Love, the Universal Healer.

The frequency of 520Hz is believed to be so powerful that it can help repair and restore DNA damage, bring peace and harmony and restore equilibrium to everything around it. Talk about good vibrations!

520Hz is the sound of Love. It is also the frequency of matter. Yes, everything that is tangible, is vibrating at 520hz.

There are many conspiracy theorists out there that believe that modern day music, TV commercials and the like are programmed at a lower and unnatural 440Hz frequency which is designed to stimulate fear, sickness and oppression.

The theory is that the 440Hz frequency was adopted during the Nazi regime in order to control prisoners and lower their consciousness. Then in 1940 the US introduced 440Hz as the standard frequency.

This is a lie and has been circulating amongst the spiritual community for quite some time. Infact, 440hz is the natural vibration of water, and our bodies consist of over 70% water. 440 is 44, and it is a very sacred angel number.

There has been a lot of spiritual propaganda relating to sound, this is because we are in an incredible age. The Golden Age is open, and we are the leaders of the heightened spiritual energies that are flowing to us from ancient portals that have been activated in this time. We are paving the way for the generations to come. If you imagine time like a clock, it keeps going round in circles, and infact, that is what we have been almost tricked into doing in our lives. The time is here where we have broken from that program. 432hz vibrations are keeping us in that loop.

Sound healing will bring you back. to your natural vibration, of love, health, oeace and so. much more.

Sofia Hayat

When your environment and your body begins vibrating at a lower or an unnatural frequency it can cause illness throughout your body, mind and spirit. In fact, illness often manifests on an energetic level first and then moves into the physical level.

There are many factors that can lower your vibration including:

  • Negative thoughts or being surrounded by negative people

  • Watching violent or horror movies and watching TV in general

  • Electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, computers etc.

  • Radiation from microwaves, wi-fi connections etc.

  • Stress, anger and anxiety

  • Poor diet, GMO foods and processed foods

  • Exposure to household cleaning chemicals and pesticides

  • Smoking, alcohol and drugs

Famous physicist, Nikola Tesla also researched energetic frequencies and claimed that if we could eliminate certain frequencies that interfered with our bodies then we could lower the chances of disease.

Just like certain frequencies bring about disease there are other frequencies that stimulate healing and regeneration.

These frequencies are known as the Solfeggio scale, which is believed to have been used in ancient sacred music and Gregorian chants.

Each Solfeggio tone is designed to balance the energy of your body in order to keep it in perfect harmony. The 6 main tones are:

  • 396 Hz– liberates guilt and fear to help you achieve your goals

  • 417 Hz– helps to deal with change and removes old patterns and habits

  • 520 Hz– love and DNA repair, believed to bring about miracles

  • 741 Hz– helps to solve problems and express yourself, also a powerful cleanser

  • 852 Hz– awakens, allows you to see the truth, develops intuition

  • 936 Hz– reconnects you to oneness and light

  • 440 reconnection to self, mother earth and the universal light within.

Vibrational Medicine

Essential oils, flower essences and homeopathic medicines are all believed to hold a powerful vibration and frequency. The most potent essential oil is Rose and has been measured at 320 Hz, followed by Lavender which has been measured at 118Hz. Most fresh herbs also have a frequency of 20-27 Hz.

Organic/ Farm Fresh Food

Fresh, organic foods seem to have the highest frequency ranging from 20-27 Hz. To put it in perspective, certain GMO foods and processed foods have a frequency of 0 Hz.

Gems and Crystals

Each gem and crystal emits its own unique frequency that work in harmony with own human magnetic fields. The frequency of a crystal will depend on its clarity, cut and how it has been processed.

Some high frequency gems and crystals include penfieldite, diamonds, quartz, danburite, moldavite, tanzanite, sapphire and brookite.

Positive Thoughts 

Positive thoughts carry a vibration of 10-15 Hz so it is easy to see how your thoughts can quickly effect your overall energy and wellbeing.

Mediation, Chanting and Deep Breathing

Conducting certain Mudras and deep breathing during mediation can also help raise your vibration as can chanting. The famous ‘Om‘ or ‘Aum’ is also a great way to enhance your vibration and bring about calmness and harmony.


Spending time in nature is a great way to harmonize your energy and bring equilibrium to the body. Earthing which requires you to walk barefoot on the grass is also a great way to reconnect with the energy of the Earth.

We are all energy so it makes sense that the different energies around us can influence us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

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Updated: Oct 16, 2017

― Nikola Tesla

“Everything is energy, we know this far. And Energy manifests in frequencies. Everything has a frequency. Facts. How can this information change our lives? …Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.”.

To manifest the reality we want, all we need to do is feel the frequency we wish. All it takes to turn a difficult situation around, is focus on the frequency we want. Energy attracts equal frequencies, when we stagnate in a low vibrational state, guess what you will receive from the universe? On the other hand, if the issue is lack, think and feel abundance. If its sadness and loneliness, feel love and joy. This is how the law of attraction works, constantly. The main key to retain, and what we most tend to forget is that “energy flows, where attention goes.” (3rd principle of Huna – MAKIA).

It is quite simple once we manage a few very important details, such as the subconscious, the mind frequencies patterns we accumulate and hold on to, our precious defense mechanisms. Think this for a second, according to the law of attraction, if we constantly live in defense, what are we attracting then? ….more reasons to defend from, as so on. This is how we have been creating our reality.

To break the spell, the frequency change can only happen once we can really FEEL, from within. With an open Heart, full trust on the universe, total transparency and honesty in our thoughts and words. How can we attract abundance? With Gratitude for what we already have. How do we attract more love into our lives? With Love from within, self-love and love for all there is.

And the time to do it is NOW. Not when we are thinking about the past, for that only brings more memories. Not when we are hoping for the future, for that keeps us in hoping. The only time we can make a change is NOW, in this moment, in the present. This is how we make our tomorrow. It is in this exact moment we are energetically creating our next.

The use of frequencies is not a new discovery. It is an ancient knowledge. Since always, the use of certain frequencies for healing, for inner balance and empowerment, have been used by religion, for example, the Gregorian chants, and through eastern meditations techniques. Sound is vibration, and when tuned in the right frequency it can have magical and instantaneous effects. The 9 Solfeggio Frequencies, an ancient musical scale, can enable a spiritual balance, and healing body and mind, in perfect harmony.

174Hz – 12 (3) Remove pain

285Hz – 15 (6) Influence energy fields

396Hz – 18 (9) Liberating Guilt and Fear

417Hz – 12 (3) Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

528Hz – 15 (6) Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

639Hz – 18 (9) Connecting / Relationships

741Hz – 12 (3) Expression/Solutions

852Hz – 15 (6) Returning to Spiritual Order

963Hz – 18 (9) Connection to the Cosmos; Awakening

Other very helpful healing frequencies are the Schumann resonance, the same as the Earths Frequency: 7,83Hz (18) (9) perfect for grounding meditation, and connecting with Mother Earth. Also the OM frequency, also the same frequency of the Sun, 126Hz (9) (C note on 432). The Om Tone is said to stimulate the Heart and proven to be very effective for meditation.

All these frequencies mentioned above, also reveal another ancient secret that we don’t yet fully understand, the 3-6-9 order and the divine code number 9, related to the physics of creation. Like Nikola Tesla said: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would hold a key to the universe”.

The 3-6-9 sequence is unquestionably the fundamental root vibrations of the Solfeggio and all healing frequency tones.

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