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Past Life Regression

I recently had a client who booked in for a 2hr healing, who had various issues that she could not deal with in her life. These issues were creating an imbalance in her, and therefore, her family, work and physical life. She had stomach issues, and had anxiety accompanied with shortness of breath. I picked up on her physical ailments as soon as she sat down in front of me.

She was dating a man that was unavailable, and who hurt her, and she could not understand why she kept going back to him. This man, was married, and was treating her very badly. She thought he was the love of her life. We did some excersizes to confront this masculine energy, and once her energy was clear enough, I could access her past life. I had a vision, or rather a snapshot of her past life. I saw her in full color as a little girl, yet she was surrounded by black figures. Everyone was rushing to get on a ship. It was a war zone. Then a man came up to her and said he would look after her. She asked where her parents were, and he said, "They have gone, they have left you, they do not want you, but I will look after you." The man took her in and treated her like Cinderella. I mean Cinderella with her step sisters. She was told she was loved, and yet he made her cook and clean and shouted at her. He would always reinforce to her that he loved her, and that her parents did not care, and that he does love her, and that she was lucky that he saved her. When she was 16, he had sexual relations with her. He would feed her scraps, but occasionally give her some nice food, which made her feel special, so she would do anything to please him. Sometimes that meant, keeping quiet. She also watched as this man had many affairs and treated other women badly.

This resonated with my client, and she said that in her family, her father was emotionally absent, and she would do things to please him, so that he would not get angry. We worked through this, and then related this to the way the man she loved treated her.

Her past life programmed her soul to love that which hurts her, and that love, as in the case of her parents, will leave her. The fact that her parents left her as a child, made her feel that she was not good enough, or something was wrong with her, and the man who took her in, reinforced that idea, that she had to work for love.

She then received a sound healing with channelled mantras especially for her energy . During the sound healing session, she saw a storm, then she saw a rainbow. At the end of the sound healing, she saw two people getting married, and there were two girls at the wedding, One was grey, and the other was in full colour. She was the child in grey and had finally found her parents.

The story of her being left by her parents, in her past life, was not true. The man told her this so she would come with her. She got lost during the tussle of everyone getting onto the boat to escape the war, she got lost in the crowd, and her parents could not find her over the crowds and soldiers, that towered over this little girl. They had spent many years looking for her but could not find her. My client resonated with the fact that the man that had taken her in her past life, was this man she was chasing today. Can you see that?

The beauty of this healing, is that the past life was cleared up, not only for her, but for her parents in her past life. She had also cleared the past programme of love being lost and that she had to work for love because she is not good enough.She was found again in her past life and therefore, in this life.

It was such a beautiful healing to see this circle complete and healed.

Many people and circumstances in this life, are repeated patterns of the past. When you can step back and see the lesson, you also, can clear the past life programme, and live the life you were always meant to have.

Blessings and Love

Sofia Hayat

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