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How sound can bring back your health

By Sofia Hayat

Every part of your is a vibration. Your heart is the biggest vibratory organ in the body and has a natural rhythm and flow,

The resonance frequency ranges from 4.5 to 6.5 bpm for adults and 6.5 to 9.5 bpm for children. The difference by age group arises because children are typically smaller than adults, and therefore, have smaller vascular trees and less inertia due to blood volume (Lehrer and Gevirtz, 2014)

Lungs also have a frequency In people with healthy lungs, the frequency range of the vesicular breathing sounds extends to 1,000 Hz, whereas the majority of the power within this range is found between 60 Hz and 600 Hz Other sounds, such as wheezing or stridor, can sometimes appear at frequencies above 2,000 Hz

I can go on and give you examples of the frequency of the cells in the body, and all other organs, but you get the idea.

There are so many things that can upset these frequencies to DETUNE them so to speak. Think of it like this; if you were listening to a nice piece of calming relaxation music, or classical music, and then someone plays some heavy metal, the relaxing music then does not serve its purpose as relaxing, s it has an outside frequency interference.

You as a human being, are a wonderful, complex, vibrating tune or song, that can be disrupted by outside frequencies. Your natural song is of joy, love, health and abundance. Outside frequencies are emotions that you feel due to something on the outside of you, inputing to your system, or food, drink, environment that you live in and much more.

We are so deeply connected to the body, that it effects the soul, and vice versa.

Sound healing helps to bring these frequencies into balance.

When I do 1 to 1 healings, I also take the client through. process of removing some of these interfering frequencies, as they can become embedded in to the cells of the body, causing DIS EASE and illness. Sound healing on its own does part of the work, but what happens more often than not, is that you take on the energy of the frequency, and then the mind keeps that frequency in the body.

For example, I had a client who had cancer, and she came to me after successful chemotherapy. She was worried that the cancer would come back. I did some sound healing and channelled some ancient prayer especially for her. The sound healing reset the system, however, her guardian angels then came in and were angry at her. They told me she constantly judged herself and her looks, and that's why she got cancer. She was on a high protein diet and lost a lot of weight quickly, before she got cancer. Her soul came in the room and said it did not want to be here anymore because of this. She was very shocked and exclaimed that it was true. I told her, that if she kept hating what she saw in the mirror, she would get cancer again. She is sending a signal to her body, that she does not like it, so the body then sends a responsive signal back, with ill health.

She was born, as every baby, with joy an love and beauty, with no idea of what ugly or fat was. These ideas were given to her via media, friends, and family, to the point where she judged herself to such an extreme, the it made her very sick and gave her cancer. The cells of cancer start of normal and healthy, and then they start to behave abnormally and continuously divide causing illness. These cells are abnormal. Negative thoughts are abnormal to your system. Even thinking you may get sick, can bring an illness on. Sometimes you cannot control the negative input, say as a child who has perhaps been abused or uncared for, however as an adult, you have the power to remove these "infections" as I call them, through sound and healing.

You reset the bodies vibration through sound and healing the negative frequencies out of the body.

I cannot claim to cure cancer, but everyone who has had cancer who has come to have a healing with sound, has no cancer. This is true with other illnesses, even a continuous veruca can be a sign of stuck energy that needs to leave the body.

Always check in with yourself. Am I ok? What is causing me to feel ill, sad, depressed..

You do have much more control than you think.

You are powerful.

Your very words are a vibration, giving instructions to your body, and those around you..

Meditate on that.

Blessings and love

Sofia Hayat

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