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Children and Sound Healing

I want to tell you a story about a child who came in for a sound healing with his mother. She had booked the session, because her son had a verruca for over a year and it was not going. Lucky for him, his mother had heard of sound healing, and bought this beautiful 11 year old to see me.

When he came into the sound healing temple, I asked him why he thought he was here. He said he had no idea.

He lay on the bed, and I set up the vogel crystals. I started to sing mantras and play the gongs. When ever someone come in for a sound healing, I always keep an eye on them for their reactions, and their energy output. I am very sensitive to energy and work the gongs according to what is happening with the clients energy. At one point he started to cry. With an adult, I would normally allow the crying to continue, but his soul was asking for my help, and I could feel that the gongs and crystal light had worked so quickly on him. What was happening, was that his chakras had been cleared and open enough for him to let out this pain that had been sitting inside him for a while, which was causing the verruca, an allow me to go in and do some clearing work.

I stopped playing the gongs and asked him why he was crying, he had no idea. At that point I lay my hands on his body where I could feel pain. When I do healings with sound, I often feel pain in my body that relates to the pain in the person. I was feeling pain in my tummy, so I asked to place my hands on his tummy over his clothes. Immediately, I felt that he was being bullied. I pulled the energy through to the surface with my hands. I cannot explain to you my technique, as I have not learned this

technique. The angels will guide me through every healing as to what to do.

He finally realised this bullying, and I gave him a mantra, a command to give to the soul of the bully. It was to say, that he forgives him, but has learnt the lesson from this, and will never let it happen again. It was so beautiful and humbling to experience.

This 11 year old boy got off the bed, and, I will never forget the words he said. These words are why I do what I do, and use my gift to serve.

He said:



Sofia Maria Hayat

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